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Thank you for deciding on using Smith and Son Plumbing as your trusted plumbing repair company in the Carrollton location! Starting in 1970 we have been supplying property owners and companies exceptional customer service and professional plumbing solutions.

As a complete plumbing company we can care for your water heater, sewer lines, drains, restroom and kitchen area plumbing fixtures, gas lines, and whatever else that comprises your plumbing system.

It is challenging to say what area of plumbing we enjoy the most, for we are qualified and seasoned in all aspects of plumbing; nonetheless, our slab leak repair services are most definitely an area we are proud of. Using our slab leak detection tools is kind of like a kid with his/her favorite toy. It is delightful for us to be able to exactly locate the origin of an under the slab leak in a foundation.

Take a look at all of our services here, and learn more about our company history here too. Have a question? Please do not think twice to call us today!

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Keep Ahead of Carrollton Plumbing Repairs

Even though there is no one answer to the question, just how can I stop requiring a plumbing repair in my home, there are actions property owners could take to assist to lessen needing an emergency plumbing repair. We want to share some of the most common plumbing maintenance steps Carrollton homeowners should take in averting this.

Carrollton Water Heater Maintenance Tips

Evaluate the hot water heater on a regular basis. A little maintenance goes a long way in seeing to it is running correctly. Visually check for any kind of water leaks around the unit. Likewise, listen to see if any noises are originating from the water storage tank. Raise the T&P shutoff valve for a second and make certain it snaps back right into place. Last but not least, make the certain the temperature setting has not been moved and is no higher than 120 degrees. In cases of leaks or sounds, let us know.


How to Care For Plumbing Drains

Sink drains have to be well taken care of, because they remove debris each day, hopefully never to be seen once again. That is unless an unnecessary drain blockage occurs. However, there are great deals of methods in order to help take appropriate take care of drain so homeowners will not need an emergency specialist drain cleaning.

Drain screens in bathtubs and showers are a necessity. Hair inside of drains pipes can create a clog super easily when mixed with soap or shampoo scum. As for kitchen drains pipes, make sure to know what goes into the drain. Things like oil, coffee grounds, bones, pasta and rice are some of the worse things to wash into a kitchen sink drain. Even if a garbage disposal has the ability to break food particles up, does not mean that it should enter into a drain. These items, in addition to larger food scraps should be thrown away in the trash.

Regularly examine inside sink cabinets and around all plumbing fixtures for visible water leakages. A lot of a home plumbing system is located inside walls, ceilings and floors, so as many of the plumbing pipes that can be checked have to be.

House owners need to ensure they understand where the main water shut-off valve is located in case of an emergency. It is normally somewhere at the front of your home. If the winter is below freezing where ones resides, it is smart to occasionally inspect making sure this valve is not frozen shut in case it is required.

It is a smart idea to have us come every couple of years and do an inspection of your overall plumbing system. We don’t want you to have to call us for an emergency plumbing repair in Carrollton!


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