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Thanks for choosing using Smith and Son Plumbing as your relied upon plumbing repair company in the Little Elm area! Starting in 1970 we have been supplying homeowners and commercial locations superior customer service and expert plumbing solutions.

As a complete plumbing company we can care for your water heater, sewer lines, drains pipes, washroom and kitchen plumbing fixtures, gas lines, and every little thing else that comprises your plumbing system.

It is tough to say what aspect of plumbing we enjoy the most, for we are capable and seasoned in all elements of plumbing; however, our slab leak repair services are certainly an area we are proud of. Utilizing our slab leak detection tools is sort of like a kid with his or her favorite toy. It is pleasurable for us to be able to specifically locate the origin of an under the slab leak in a foundation.

Take a look at all of our services here, and find out more about our company history here also. Have a question? Please do not think twice to call us today!

Sewer Line Cleaning Little Elm

Causes for Drain Odors

It’s not ever pleasurable to come home and find a sink or a drain smelling something like an open sewer. The bad news is that bad smells originating from the drains is one of the more common repair calls we attend to. The bright side is that they are generally really basic to handle, and if you recognize exactly what some of the reasons are, you can assist yourself out without having to speak to a plumber. Here’s a list of the three most typical root causes of drain smells:

1. A Dry U-Bend
The u-bend is that funny little turn in the pipes beneath your sink. It is there to keep smells from journeying back up the pipe from the sewer. It works as long as the u-bend remains damp, but if it dries out, those bad smells might start up. Thankfully, turning the faucet on and letting it run for a little bit should solve the issue well, without having to call a plumber.

2. Sewage in the Piping
Sewage in this case can be all sorts of things, from leftover food to waste from the bathroom. In some cases, it could get stuck on the sides of your pipe’s wall surfaces and begin to have an odor the longer they go unattended. You could deal with such troubles with chemical cleansers, although we suggest an official drain cleaning company to make sure the trouble gets fixed.

3. Bigger Problems
Bigger troubles normally originate from the primary sewer lines and sadly they do call for the attention of a plumbing professional. It could be a number of things from breach to an obstruction. You can typically spot them since the smells are coming from numerous pipes in the house as opposed to just one. If this holds true, shut the water off to your home and contact Smith and Son Plumbing.  Check out all of our sewer services here.



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