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Thanks for selecting utilizing Smith and Son Plumbing as your relied upon plumbing repair company in the McKinney area! Starting in 1970 we have been giving home owners and companies outstanding customer service and expert plumbing solutions.

As a full service plumbing company we can look after your hot water heater, sewer lines, drains pipes, washroom and cooking area plumbing fixtures, gas lines, and every little thing else that comprises your plumbing system.

It is tough to say what aspect of plumbing we enjoy the most, for we are qualified and knowledgeable in all aspects of plumbing; nonetheless, our slab leak repair services are absolutely an area we take pride in. Utilizing our slab leak detection tools is kind of like a youngster with his/her favorite toy. It is pleasurable for us to be able to exactly locate the origin of an under the slab leak in a foundation.

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Water Heater Replacement McKinney Texas
Water Heater Repair McKinney Texas

McKinney Water Heater Repair Signs

Hot water heaters are definitely a much used plumbing appliance in the home today. It is very easy to ignore all the activities they help home owners do. As a result of the big task that a water heater has, it is crucial to make sure it is running correctly. There are some signs that a heater requires a little maintenance or a repair though. If one observes any of the signs in this article, it is very important to get in touch with us, for a small warning sign can develop into a big problem is it goes too long without maintenance.

Leaking Water
Regularly look at the water heater and the location around where it is situated making certain there is not any leaking water. Doing so will certainly assist make certain any long-term water damage to the home is prevented too, in addition to preventing water from being lost. Depending upon where the leak is coming from, it does not imply that the water heater will need to be replaced. Sometimes, leaks could happen with the drain shutoff or the T&P valve, both of which are a very easy part to update. If the water storage tank itself is starting to rust through though, that is a different issue and an indication that a brand-new water heater might be needed in the near future. We try to do everything we can to repair the problem first, and only do water heater replacements as a last resort.

Water Is Running Cold
If the water heater is just not heating water as hot as it previously did, it can be a sign of a needed repair. Clearly, first see if multiple hot water using appliances are using hot water at the same time. Perhaps ones water usage in the home has altered. If this is not the case, some maintenance is possibly needed. Again, it does not have to be an indicator that the water heater will need to be replaced. Something that normally occurs in tank hot water heaters is the development of sediment inside the storage tank. This will certainly minimize the water heater’s ability to heat water like it previously did. Flushing the tank out will generally fix this concern.

A Spike in Usage Expenses
If if looks like the expense of heating ones water has gone up, it can be a sign of some needed plumbing upkeep also. First determine if the home is using a lot more hot water recently. Over time without performing any kind of type of maintenance, a water heater will progressively decrease in its energy performance.  Check out all of our hot water heater services here.


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